To do good, there is no need for consideration "says Goethe

Our small Association moves committed people, people who are convinced to do something with deeds.

These are different things, such as:

  • We wrap pc's for children in Bosnia so that they don't loose connection in education.

  • We help with different goods, such as wheelchairs for the disaabled people in Bosnia.

  • We organise transports with diiferent goods the children needs.
  • We initiate things at side.
  • We inform the people about the economic aspects within Bosnia

  • We design the exchange of Bosnian and German children and adolescents.

Everybody has the abblity to bring in something good.

It is a good feeling to be able to move something, talk to us.:
Telefon: 02041/ 23019 oder Herbert Schröer: 016090633117 oder

Kontakt (Kopie 1)

Aktion Leben und Lernen in Bosnien e.V.

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