Voluntary engagement

Come to us, write us please call us at: 02041/23019. We will gladly call you back and arrange an appointment to clarify a possible engagement.

We organize transports for Bosnia, we develop small projects in Bosnia, we inform the public about our work, we need support in public relations, etc. One goal of our work is to improve the living conditions of the local people and to develop perspectives in their own country together with them.

Donations are welcome for our work: Of course we also need funds for our active work. Every amount is welcome and is used effectively. Our association is recognized by the Tax Office as charitable. You will receive a tax deductible donation receipt for donations.

Please give your name and full address at the transfer.

Support Membership: Become a supporting member. Support our goals and work with a sum of money that you have determined to be transferred to our association on a monthly basis.

Membership: Become a Member and share the development of our goals and work with us. Become part of a team that wants to improve the life situation and perspectives not only for children and young people in one of the poorest countries of Europe.

The monthly contribution amounts to at least €2.00.

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Aktion Leben und Lernen in Bosnien e.V.

Gerichtstsr. 3

46236 Bottrop

Telefon +49 2041 23 0 19

Telefax +49 2041 68 80 54



Freitag von 10 bis 12 Uhr