Disabled people within Bosnia

Inclusion is a human right which has been defined in the UN Handicap of Disability. Inclusion means that every person - with or without disability, can be anywhere, at school, at the workplace in the residential district. The implementation requires a long breath in Germany, as in Bosnia. We want to contribute to the implementation in the canton UNA-Sana in
Bosnia: Equal rights for all people!


Financial help for schools

Together with the non-profit association "Labdoo.org", we equip schools with laptops / PCs. Our goal is to contribute a piece that children receive a good education in Bosnia. Today, dealing with computer science is part of the general education in order to be able to study in a perspective, to find work. Please help us to finance the transports.

Donate to the future of children and youth in Bosnia

If you have prospects, Remains on site

People who have a perspective in their home country do not want to leave. Bosnia is one of the poorest countries in Europe. We support people in Bosnia, through transports, equipment, school projects and more. Non-profit, without administrative costs, only with volunteer helpers .


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